5 Easter Gifts To Give Your Family

Each season gives us a reason to celebrate. In summer, Independence Day and Labor Day give us cause for celebration. Fall has Halloween and Thanksgiving, and Christmas and Hanukkah ring in the winter festivities. But spring’s shining moment is Easter. No matter how you spend this springtime holiday, whether at church or at a backyard BBQ to commemorate the end of cold winds, you can spread the cheer with some Easter gifts for your family.

1. Candy Gift Baskets

Easter traditions vary all over the world. One common ritual involves a visit from the Easter bunny and a basket full of surprises that bring the spring sunshine indoors. Candy gift baskets celebrate the treats from the Easter bunny, spreading the season’s joy and warmth. There are so many classic seasonal treats that you can throw in, from chocolate eggs to jelly beans. Curating a personalized Easter candy gift basket for your family adds a bit of extra sweetness to the holiday celebrations.

2. Egg Painting Kits

Easter egg painting and hunts play a huge part in many people’s childhood memories. Continue the tradition and gift your family an egg painting kit. Not only does the painting set carry on traditions, keeping egg painting alive in childhood memories across generations, but it also gives you a familial activity to do together.

3. Seasonal Home Décor

Like holiday lights, Christmas trees, and birthday balloons, springtime seasonal décor spreads the spirit of the holidays and celebrations. They immerse you in all things related to the season’s joys, making it a more prominent factor in your day-to-day celebrations. Gift your family bunny-themed home accessories, pastel centerpieces, and other Easter-related decorations to spread joy. Plus, these items commemorate the official switch into the new season.

4. Easter-Themed Books

People celebrate Easter in various ways. Some approach it with a more religious outlook, while others simply celebrate the change of weather and embrace other representations of rebirth and renewal. Share your family’s special springtime traditions with an Easter-themed book that matches your outlook and reminds you of why you celebrate this special day. There are hundreds of books and movies to choose from that tell the story of the season, from The Tale of Peter Rabbit to This Little Light Of Mine.

5. Easter Tee Shirts

Spread the joy with festive shirts. Like a Christmas sweater, Easter tee shirts give you a way to show off your seasonal spirit. Gift matching Easter t-shirt sets to bring your family closer during your Easter celebrations, or simply gift them a festive tee to get them into the seasonal spirit.

Celebrate springtime by spreading warmth with these five Easter gift ideas for your family.