5 End Of The Year Teacher Gift Ideas 2022

Shopping for a teacher can often be a difficult task. Wrapping up a school year should be a celebration of their efforts and enthusiasm in the classroom.

Whether it’s a fun or more serious gesture, here at Tees2UrDoor, we believe that a shirt is the best end of the year present for your teachers.

What is a Good End of the Year Gift for a Teacher?

Our line of teacher-specific products features bright colors and unique designs all on high quality garments. We have great, quality options at low prices to convey to all your shopping needs. We believe the best gifts are ones that express a teacher’s personality, so we have provided the five best end of the year teacher gift ideas for 2022.

Poppin Into Summer Graphic T-Shirt

5. Poppin Into Summer

At an affordable price and with a graphic that “pops” out, the Poppin Into Summer shirt is a great choice for a gift to your teacher, as it’s a great addition to any summer wardrobe. Even better, the shirt fits true to size with very minimal stretch.

Teaching Makes Me Smile

4. Teaching Makes Me Smile

A great teacher can always manage to put a smile on your face. This shirt is perfect for your favorite educator or role model.

It comes in a yellow haze color that makes it very pairable with jeans, shorts, or leggings. This shirt is also true to size with a relaxed fit.

Why Fit In Teacher Shirt

3. Why Fit in When You Were Born to Stand Out?

It’s important to let our students know how valuable it is to be themselves. Much of schooling is about fitting in, so it’s always nice when a teacher helps inspire confidence in their students.

This shirt comes in a colorful and bright shade of blue perfect for teachers educating primary school students. It’s 100% cotton for a comfortable fit that is still perfect for pairing.

Dear Parents, Tag You're it Shirt

2. Dear Parents, Tag! You're It!

The end of the school year is the time to let parents know that tag, they’re it! An adorable design to display a funny end of the year message, this garment is a combination of cotton and polyester for a soft feel on the skin. Another relaxed fit shirt that is a perfect fit to size and great to give as a summer gift.

1. Hooray for the Last Day

No end of the year clothing collection should be without our number one choice: Hooray for the Last Day! With another cute design and bright, colorful summer hue, this shirt is another great gift choice. It can also be a great option for students ready to start their summer and finish up the school year.

What Presents Do Teachers Really Want? Find Out at Tees2UrDoor

It’s so important to show our love and appreciation for our educators, especially after a long and hardworking school year. At Tees2UrDoor, we pride ourselves on our custom shirts designed for each unique individual in the classroom. Visit our website and shop our wide selection of products, or contact us with any questions you may have!