5 Iconic Halloween Costumes To Watch for This Year

There are numerous tales and myths behind the Halloween costume tradition. Some say it first began as a Celtic practice to ward off ghosts. Others believe dressing up confuses the evil spirits, keeping wearers safe from harm’s way and hidden from danger. No matter the origin of dressing up, wearing a costume now plays a quintessential role in Halloween tradition. Here are five iconic costumes to watch for this year and potentially try yourself.

1. Pop Culture Movie and TV References

The entertainment industry continues to supply pop culture with loveable and despicable characters. There are endless film and franchise favorites to fan over, creating plenty of inspiration for Halloween costumes. Some of the predicted pop culture fandoms to feature this year at your costume party include:

  • Any of the Euphoria characters
  • Bridgeton couples
  • Stranger Things characters and ghouls
  • Marvel heroes and villains
  • Disney’s Encanto cast

2. Popular Video Game Characters

Like television and movie fandoms, there are countless video game fan groups. Many games feature strong narratives and figures that players adore. From modern leading heroines to iconic retro classics, video games provide a range of idolized characters worth recreating in real life. This year’s most popular games that might spark costume ideas include:

  • Horizon Dawn
  • Genshin Impact
  • Apex
  • Valorant

3. Memes and Punny Pairings

Comedy is a natural counter and complementary emotion to horror and tragedy. Many like to have plain and simple fun on Halloween, and they opt for comedic costumes that play off trending memes and puns. Numerous memes and viral videos circled this year, many of which will pop up in Halloween costumes across the country.

4. Classic Halloween Icons

When in doubt, sticking to the classics provides you with an on-brand, effortless costume. Halloween features a range of symbolic characters, from zombies and ghouls to witches and various mythical creatures. Each year, many decide to dress up as a classic haunting figure, bringing warlocks, knights, and other traditional Halloween costumes to the seasonal festivities.

5. Halloween-Themed Outfits

Although dressing up is a fun way to explore your creativity, sometimes the process is just too much. Makeup removal, costume making, and other outfit preparations take time. For those with little time on their hands who still want to embrace the seasonal spirit, throwing on a Halloween-themed outfit is a chic costume alternative. Our women’s Halloween T-shirts provide you with a stylish, thematic tee to sport at the Halloween party. Paired with Halloween-inspired makeup and accessories, you whip up a look that embodies Halloween.

These five iconic Halloween costumes to look out for this year should give you plenty of inspiration for your own monstrous look. Whether you recreate a fictional character, stick to the classics, or keep things stylish and simple, there are countless ways to embrace the Halloween spirit.