7 Styles of Hats and Headwear To Include in Your Closet

It’s amazing what a small accessory can do for an outfit. A simple black sweater becomes a statement when you add a bright turquoise necklace. Boost the wow factor of all-American jeans and a white T-shirt when you casually throw a scarf around the neck. Accessories complete your ensemble and can take it from casual to formal and vice versa. One of the best accessories, and one that’s unfortunately overlooked sometimes, is the humble hat. Revamp your wardrobe by improving the look of what you already have with the addition of headwear. Read on to learn about seven styles of hats and headwear to include in your closet this winter and for every season.

The Classic Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are playful and practical. Use them on a casual day, especially if the sun is shining, to protect your face and make a simple T-shirt and jeans look extra cute. If you’re a collector, baseball caps come with all kinds of sayings, team logos, and designs.

The Comfy Bucket Hat

Having a bad hair day? Your bucket hat has you covered (pun intended). Bucket hats are adorable on a rainy day. While everyone else is navigating the crowds with umbrellas, don your bucket hat and watch the drain roll right off the downward-sloping brim.

Go Vintage in a Newsboy Hat

If you love hunting for vintage treasures, you’ll love the newsboy cap. It’s a vintage style that pairs perfectly with long skirts and sandals, short dresses and boots, or your favorite jeans and a sweater.

The Warm Beanie

The warm beanie is one of the best styles of hats to have in your closet, and with winter approaching, don’t hold back on the number of beanies you collect. Having one in every color is smart when the weather is freezing. Beanies aren’t only for winter activities outside; they change the look of your outfit when you choose ones that coordinate with what you are wearing.

The Playful Cowboy Hat

Okay, so maybe you’ve never actually ridden a horse; that doesn’t mean you won’t rock a cowboy hat. We say, go for it. A pair of boots, slim-fitting jeans, and a flannel go from hanging out at home to a night on the town when you throw a cowboy hat on your head. Keep a black one in your closet to go with anything.

The French Beret

The ever-so-fashionable French brought us the beret. Need we say more? It’s another classic that adds sophistication to your closet and makes drab outfits chic. The beret is best in winter since you can find it in wonderfully warm winter materials, such as cashmere and wool.

A Wide-Brimmed Hat

Wide-brimmed hats offer elegance and protection from the sun. Wear straw wide-brimmed hats during the hot months and felt hats in the cooler ones. You can also add a ribbon around your wide-brimmed hat for a splash of color or to change it for the seasons.

Hats are fun and always in style. They also make great gifts. Check out our monogrammed hats for women at Tees2urdoor for unique custom-made gifts for your friends and family this holiday season.