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Best Loungewear Outfit Ideas For Women 2021

Best Loungewear Outfit Ideas For Women 2021

May 28th 2021

Loungewear is no longer just for hanging around the house. After spending over a year indoors, it’s time to start venturing out again, but you might not be ready to say goodbye to those cozy sweats you’ve been living in. The good news is you don’t have to. Wearing loungewear to the store, brunch, and even work has become more and more popular. With these trendy loungewear ideas from Tees2UrDoor, you’ll be ready to step outside in comfort and style.

Monochrome Loungewear Sets

If you want a loungewear look that perfectly balances classy and casual, matching monochrome loungewear sets are going to be your best friend. Our Relaxed Shortie Set is the perfect option. This set features a cute long sleeve tee and matching pair of drawstring shorts. Available in grey, black, and military green, you can pick your favorite color or opt for all three for ultimate wardrobe versatility. These loungewear sets are made with an ultra-comfortable blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex. Take the “lounge” part of loungewear seriously and wear them around the house or wear them out while you run errands, visit with friends, or watch your kid’s big soccer game.

Ideally Iconic Lounge Set

Loungewear Outfits with Funky Prints

Let your personality shine through with a printed loungewear outfit. Our Ideally Iconic Lounge Set comes in three cute patterns that are sure to make a statement: avocado, pink star and grey star. Each set comes with super cozy tie-front shorts and an adorable short sleeve top with a slit neckline. Get a few matching sets for your next girls’ night, whether you’re spending the night in or going out!

Long Sleeve Loungewear

Long Sleeve Loungewear With Pants for Extra Comfort

Loungewear sets with shorts are a great option during the spring and summer, but once fall and winter hit, you’ll want something a little warmer. Long Sleeve loungewear sets with pants are just as cute and cozy, and our Relaxed Jogger Set proves it. This monochrome set comes with a comfy long sleeve top and chic drawstring pants with shirred legs. You can find this set in beautiful colors like lavender and eggplant as well as neutral tones like brown and grey. Pick out a few for mix-and-match options that can take you anywhere from a night lounging on the couch to a day running around town.

Accessorize Your Loungewear

Putting together the best loungewear outfit means adding the right accessories, shoes, and outerwear. Dress up any loungewear set with a cute blazer or button-up jacket for a chic look that can be worn at the office or for a night out. You might be tempted to throw on a pair of sneakers with your outfit, but a good pair of sandals like our Clear Jelly Stud Alison Sandal can take it to the next level. And don’t forget about jewelry! A simple necklace and bracelet can add dimension to your loungewear outfit.

Loungewear Sets and More from Tees2UrDoor

At Tees2UrDoor, we have what you need to revamp your wardrobe. From comfortable loungewear sets to unique custom t-shirts, you’ll find it with us. If you have any questions or need help styling the perfect outfit, please contact us. Our friendly customer service team is happy to assist you.