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Custom Baseball Shirts for Sale at Wholesale Prices

Feb 22nd 2018

Play ball!

Spring is just around the corner and so is baseball! Whether you play the sport or just appreciate an aesthetically pleasing t-shirt design, right now is the absolute best time to buy your custom made baseball shirts. There is nothing like a new t-shirt. At Tees2urdoor, we’re offering unbeatable wholesale prices for custom baseball shirts. So whether you are playing for the team or cheering them on in the stands, getting a great deal on a custom baseball shirt has never been easier.

Your Friends at Tees2urdoor

Before making any purchase, especially in an online market, we feel like it’s important to know exactly who you are buying from. At Tees2urdoor, our goal is and always will be to bring superior products to the market at affordable prices. Since 2001, we have been printing t-shirts for sports teams, businesses, and for anyone else that enjoys a nice t-shirt at a quality price. With over 14,000 square feet for both a production and internet facility, we are able to give our customers quality products at affordable prices.

Tees2urdoor Baseball Shirts

Tees2urdoor baseball shirts can come in any color or size. Typically, the sleeves on the shirt is a different color than the bulk of the shirt. A raglan sleeve is the type of shaping that most of our baseball shirts follow. This means that there is a slanted seam that runs from the neck to the underarm. The sleeves then typically end three-quarters of the way down the wearer’s arm. This creates a casual and comfy look that is great for both lounging and playing.

Our Most Popular Baseball Shirt

Our most popular baseball shirt just so happens to be on sale right now. It’s traditional baseball shirt look does not disappoint. With grey sleeves, we complimented this look with a heart shaped, pin striped baseball. Not only is it eye-cathing on its own, but we also offer a customized version of this shirt as well. Support your favorite player and your team and customize it with your team’s name and your own personal number. This baseball shirt comes in a variety of sizes from YXS to 5XL. It’s made with 100% ring spun combed cotton for that comfortable look and feel. Get everyone on the team this shirt or wear it as you cheer them on!

Customization from Tees2urdoor

While you can select from our loved and popular designs, you do have the option of creating your very own unique baseball shirt. We offer monogramming on all our different baseball shirts and school shirts. We also offer customizable baseball shirts that are meant for a cause. With endless color schemes and design options, you will have no trouble picking the right baseball shirt for you.

With Tees2urdoor, our customers will receive a quality product with a deal that is unbeatable anywhere else. For more information on Tees2urdoor or to order your custom baseball shirt today, give us a call at 877-245-0492. You can also contact us online!