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Customizable School Spirit Shirts for Your Pep Rally

Oct 18th 2019

One of the best attributes Tees2UrDoor features is the option to personalize t-shirts. Custom school t-shirts are a staple of our brand. We love designing t-shirts and wanted to give our clients the joy of designing custom shirts as well.

By simply wearing one of our school spirit t-shirts designed by you, you will do wonders for your school’s athletic events. School spirit can boost morale and increases the confidence of your sports team leading them to a possible championship.

Customize Tees2UrDoor school shirts to sport your school’s name, or your school’s mascot to encourage team players to perform their absolute best in order to win first place!

How Can You Boost School Spirit?

One of the cost-effective solutions to boosting school spirit is for students, faculty, and administrators to taking ownership of their school. Whether it’s the school sport or school name in general, wearing the colors and the name exudes a sense of pride, like a badge of honor.

Tees2Urdoor is a company that stocks a wide array of quality customizable t-shirts in a variety of colors that your school can proudly wear at wholesale prices. Customers also have the opportunity to customize their t-shirts right in the comfort of their office. Our website is designed with a user-friendly navigation for shoppers to design his or her own t-shirt.

With your personalized shirts you can be the catalyzing force in sporting events, field days or even games organized at extracurricular activities so that your peers feel motivated to put their heads in the game.

When you believe in someone it helps them believe in themselves. Providing support to your teammates, school peers and friends can do magic for their self-esteem and potential. Sometimes all you need is a little push to do your absolute best.

Types of School Spirit T-Shirts We Recommend for Your Next Rally

  1. School Spirit Team Shirt Pride
  2. What better way to show school spirit than with a dazzling Pride T-Shirt? These tees come in seven different colors: black, green, maroon, navy, red, and blue.

    The word, “PRIDE” is boldly written in caps with each word decorated in its own unique way. At the top, you have the option to customize it by inserting the name of your school.

    You also have the option to place a personalized name and/or number on the back of the tee—a feature that’s perfect for athletes and even better for their fans!

    Support your elementary school, middle school or high school on PEP rallies and on those dress-up days by wearing this school spirit team shirt pride.

    This shirt is made with 100% ring-spun cotton and is apt for both students and staff. Gift this shirt to your professor on his or her birthday, Christmas or teacher’s day and instantly become the teacher’s pet.

  3. Team Athletic Two-Color Monogram
  4. This tee offers you a few options. You can get a short, long sleeve, or Raglan Tee. The variation of color choices is many. We recommend that you take a look at your selection here. The significance of this tee offers a large monogram printed at the front center of the t-shirt. In the middle will be your school initials. Here, you have the option to print what you want at the top and bottom of the monogram. You also have the option of selecting a color for the inner and outer ring on the personalized monogram. You can truly make this tee your signature school shirt!

    You can combine the signature color of your school or your school’s uniform color to the shirt you personalize. This way the school will recognize the congruency and applaud you for your efforts to support the team.

    Tees2UrDoor has an entire inventory dedicated to boosting school spirit. If you’re looking for something that’s more collegiate or something more creative and outside the box, we have it!

The Importance of Having School Pride

A lot of success can be attributed to school spirit. There is a great strength in that. So anything you can do to support school spirit will provide students and faculty with a more positive attitude toward their role within your school system. Whether it’s to provide quality lesson plans or put forth the effort in becoming the best student-athlete they can be, the common denominator will be doing their best because they believe that their school is the best! School spirit can do all of this.

Wear your shirts to go to the following school events:

  • Pep Rallies
  • Field Day
  • Spirit Day
  • As an unofficial school uniform
  • School Bonfires
  • Basketball games
  • Soccer games
  • Futbol games
  • Robotics competitions
  • Tutoring
  • Soccer practice
  • After school activities and more!

Show school pride, be the school’s pride! Raise energies to the roof don’t be aloof, we need students to be supportive not neutral or discouraging! This is the only way to win the game. Show you care by wearing your Tees2UrDoor custom shirts for game day.

You never know who’s day you might make by demonstrating a simple yet powerful gesture stemmed from kindness. Actions speak louder than words, so show you care by personalizing one of our tees. School Spirit To The Core With Tees2UrDoor!

Tees2UrDoor is dedicated to making the best and most comfortable t-shirts so you can look your best and feel your best all school year. Our tees already come with everything you need, so the only thing you have to do is adjust a color or two. Add your mascot’s name and you are ready for fame!

We understand that support has the potential to build school spirit so we wanted to provide these shirts that act as a template so you can be the artist and personalize it in whichever way you like! Start shopping with us today and create your unique personalized tee. If you have any questions or comments or simply want to say, hi, contact us online! Our friendly customer service team will get right to you!