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Customized Glitter T-Shirts for Any Occasion

Dec 14th 2017

Customized Glitter T-Shirts for Any OccasionTees2UrDoor is a retail and online operation that specializes in providing customized t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories to individuals, schools, businesses, and organizations. Most of our t-shirts can be customized with a monogrammed initial and a name on the back—perhaps even a number if you’re looking for a sports-related t-shirt.

We have the capability to customize your shirts any way you want according to the options for each item placed in our online store. You have the option of personalizing your initialed monogram with script or bold print—and glitter!

Why Print in Glitter?

When you think of glitter, it’s typically associated with festivities and a celebration of some sort. You would be right to assume so. However, the team at Tees2UrDoor would like to share some of our knowledge and expertise when it comes to personalizing t-shirts and accessories. While glitter is certainly a big request for designing t-shirts for the holiday season, we encourage buyers to use our customized glitter monogram option when personalizing their next t-shirt with us.

For most of our shirts, you have the following colors to order in glitter:
-Aqua Glitter
Black Glitter
Gold Glitter
Green Glitter
Navy Glitter
Neon Pink Glitter
Pink Glitter
Purple Glitter
Red Glitter
Royal Glitter
Silver Glitter
White Glitter

For an additional $3.00, any of these sparkling options can make your personalized shirt pop! Whether it’s to cheer on a team, bring about a sportsman-like camaraderie, or just to add flair to your wardrobe, this option is definitely something to consider for any occasion.

Advantages of Printing a Tee with Customized Glitter

Glitter will highlight the wording on your t-shirt making it more noticeable. The light that these glitter crystals reflect will draw attention to your shirt, relaying the wording and message that you’re trying to convey. This is ideal for promoting team spirit or advertising. Glitter is probably the next best thing to lights. It’s a subtle, yet creative way to use your t-shirt as a walking billboard.

Be Original with a Glitter-Printed T-Shirt

If you want to be original, personalize your t-shirt with Tees2UrDoor. We have a variety of long and short t-shirts that you can customize from scratch. We also have a line of pre-printed shirts that you can personalize with a monogrammed initial. With all of these options, you can enhance your letters with any color glitter listed above.

Shop Your Glitter Tee Today

Shop our online inventory and get your customized glitter t-shirt delivered to your doorstep in 1-4 days after processing your order. Orders $75 and over will be shipped for free. Keep in mind that ordering around the holidays and at any peak time could push the processing time back a day. Personalized items do not qualify for an exchange. However, we allow up to 5 business days for returns and 14 days after delivery for an exchange.

If you have any question about your customized glitter t-shirt, call 877-245-0492 or contact us online today!