How Clothing Color Can Improve Your Mood

A recent trend called “dopamine dressing” is all about perking up how we feel by selectively making clothing choices. The concept is that dopamine (a brain chemical that brings feelings of pleasure) increases when we do little things like picking out the right outfit, specifically happy colors. So, how can you know which colors make you happy? Read on as we discuss how clothing color can improve your mood and how each color differs.

What’s Your Mood?

What does an improved mood look like to you? Does it mean smiles and laughter or peace and relaxation or something else? The great thing about color choices in our clothing is that different colors present unique perspectives. Although it isn’t always true for everyone, psychologists agree that you can use the following guidelines when choosing clothing colors to improve your mood.

  • Red: passion, love, and power
  • Orange: enthusiastic and happy
  • Yellow: energetic and warm
  • Green: lucky and safe
  • Blue: stable and calm
  • Purple: wealthy and mysterious
  • Pink: romantic and kind
  • Brown: secure and strong
  • Black: bold and elegant
  • White: peaceful and innocent

You certainly can’t expect to change your personality by what you put on, but you can change your mood. Colors give us feelings and hopefully, confidence when we choose the right ones for us.

How To Choose the Best Colors for You

One of the best ways to determine which clothing colors improve your mood is to spend some time with your clothing. Lay the clothes you wear the most out on your bed or bedroom floor and take your time looking at each piece. Ask yourself the following questions as you look at each piece:

  • Does it stir up great memories or bad ones?
  • Do you get a lot of compliments when you wear it?
  • Does it make you feel positive and confident?
  • Do you imagine thoughts of romance, fun, or something more practical?

These questions can help you get your mind churning as you go through your clothes. Many possible feelings and emotions affect our mood, so consider all the ones that pop into your mind as you go through the process.

Keep in mind that your destiny won’t change because you choose the wrong dress for the day. However, your mood might improve if you take the time to consider how clothing colors affect your outlook for that day.

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