Personalized Baseball Shirts For Kids, Toddlers, and the Entire Family

When you attend a Major League Baseball game, you’re likely to notice many fans wearing licensed apparel and gear, such as caps and shirts. However, you may also see more interesting shirts that have been uniquely personalized.

You’ll probably also see groups wearing family baseball shirts, and these often catch the attention of the television cameras for a close-up, or to be displayed on the stadium screens. This is the kind of apparel that we specialize in at Tees2UrDoor.

You don’t have to settle for what the MLB store has to offer. Make a statement the next time you attend practice or the big game.

Personalized Baseball Shirts for Kids and Toddlers

Our highly customizable kid’s baseball shirts are some of our most popular items. They are often ordered for community league teams, special events, or even as fashion statements.

Quite a few of the orders we get are from baseball fans who have scored tickets to regular season or playoff games. However, many are from friends and family who simply want to support their favorite team or player with a touch of personalization.

For example, you can wear this Custom Leopard Marquee T-Shirt when you cheer on your high school baseball team. Alternatively, you can opt for this Custom Heart Baseball V-Neck if your child or loved one is on the diamond.

Kids Baseball Jerseys

Our Pattern Spirit Raglan T-Shirt is ideal as part of a practice uniform. As a raglan shirt, it features the quarter-sleeves that baseball players are accustomed to, and it displays your team name front-and-center.

If you sponsor a Little League team that only has game uniforms, raglans like this are perfect for players to wear during practice or at warmup. Better still, they can also wear them to the stadium on game day!

Though these can be ordered to fit, you might want to consider a slightly roomier size so that younger players can grow into their equipment. You don't want to go too big with them, however, because you wouldn’t want the shirt to interfere with their movements.

Baseball Shirts for Boys

When it comes to baseball teen shirts, boys tend to like the distressed look, which is cleverly designed to evoke exciting situations on the diamond. Our Distressed Baseball with Personalization T-Shirt features a scuffed and well-worn look to make them appear as if they’ve been through quite a few games.

The front boasts a graphic of an oversized baseball, along with cursive lettering displaying the team or player’s name or jersey number. These are excellent for practice, casual games, or to wear when you go to the stadium.

You could also order these in bulk, which is for anyone who must take care for and dress an entire team. Depending on how your league works, you might want these for practice or casual wear.

Boy’s baseball shirts are great for extracurricular activities, as well.

Various types of clubs, classes, and other similar organizations have had baseball-themed shirts printed up. This enables them to showcase the fact that their groups are working like a well-oiled machine, just as a well-run baseball team might.

Baseball Jerseys for Toddlers

Have you ever thought about finding the perfect outfit for playing catch with the newest addition to your family? If so, then a simple toddler's baseball shirt might be right.

It's a great idea for anyone who wants to give their youngster something that they'll be free to move around in. Those who have a pretty sporty toddler should love 100 percent cotton fabric, which is every bit as comfortable as it is flexible.

Considering that so many of our shirts run a little large, they should offer a great fit even as your youngster starts to grow. That makes them a particularly attractive gift since toddlers can grow up with them.

Best of all, our toddler-sized baseball jerseys are easy to clean.

You can machine wash most of our shirts in cold water. Once you're done, you can tumble-dry them. That should help if you're raising a precious toddler who has a tendency to get a lot of exercises outdoors and ends up attracting a ton of dirt along with them!

Personalized Baseball Shirts for Your Family

Our convenient service enables both young and adult fans in your group to stand out on game day. Some people might want to mix and match shirts for their kids, including toddler-sizes and shirts that can fit a wider percentage of the entire family.

There's no extra difficulty associated with placing an order like this. Simply pick out the sizes you want in matching styles and you'll be able to get something that fits everyone in your group.

For that matter, you might want to get a few different colors thrown in for those families who have fans of more than one team living under the same roof! You may think that this would be something of a challenging situation, but we offer several different styles to appease everyone's unique tastes.

We offer a few more designs that are ideal for family baseball shirts:

  • Heart shirts are popular among women fans and players.
    • They come in women’s tank top, long sleeve, sweatshirt, and hoodie styles.
  • Baseball pattern sleeve t-shirts are the most stylish of our family baseball shirts because of their unique design.
    • If you are looking for something original, consider this attractive pattern!
  • Monogram raglan jerseys are the All American classic of baseball apparel; they come in various sleeve colors and feature plenty of white space for monogram options.

Play Ball in Style with Personalized Shirts from Tees2UrDoor

Over time, a number of fashion trends have changed in the world of baseball, much as they've changed in almost every other field. However, you can be sure that a few specific ones are always going to stay the same no matter what.

Perhaps the biggest of these is the constant popularity of personalized shirts, which are big with those of any size and age. Our custom baseball shirts come in a variety of diverse and vibrant colors, and they can be customized with school names and mascot graphics.

Furthermore, we make creative use of the traditional, cursive lettering that is commonly printed on American baseball uniforms. To discuss the styles and customization options for the shirts that you want for your family, reach out to our team today.