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School Spirit Sweatshirts for Sale at Low Prices

Jan 23rd 2018

Whether you’re cheering on your favorite school sports team, academic club, or promoting the educational institution’s name

Spirit Sweatshirts

itself, Tees2UrDoor has the right t-shirt for any occasion your school is trying to support. Our company is well-known for providing spirit t-shirts to elementary, middle schools, high schools and colleges with top-notch quality spirit shirts that can be purchased with customized monogrammed initials.

We offer shirts in a variety of styles—short and long-sleeve t-shirts, raglans, and even sweatshirts.

Stay Warm with a Spirit-Sweatshirt

Many school events are held outdoors during the cooler months of the year. Instead of having students wrap up in their own jackets and sweatshirts, why not adorn them in a school-spirit sweatshirt that will help champion on school pride? Select from a variety of 23 vibrant colors.

Our Team Athletic Two-Color Monogram Sweatshirt gives you a variety of monogrammed style combinations to choose from. Personalize the color of the inner and outer ring of your monogram with a contrasting color that will match your school colors completely. You’ll also be able to choose which color and style you want your monogrammed initials to be.

Select Your Type of Monogram

When it comes to school spirit, most schools go with the printed text so that it can be easily read. The scripted monogrammed initials tend to be for those who prefer personalized name initials on their sweatshirt. However, you are free to select any style that you think will show your school spirit the most; and it can all be done directly on our user-friendly website.

About the Colors. Choose Wisely!

We also recommend that you take your school colors into consideration when ordering the right color combinations. You want to make sure that your choosing colors that will contrast nicely with one another so that the text can be seen well. Reference our website to get ideas of all the different color and style combinations you can create.

Tees2UrDoor’s Spirit Sweatshirts are Affordable and Built to Last!

These quality sweatshirts can withstand the wash. You won’t have to worry about your monogram fading or peeling. The colors will remain vibrant through every wash. The shirt sizes that are available for this school-spirit sweatshirt range from youth to 3XL. Prices for these personalized quality sweatshirts start at $17.95. For an additional $3.00, you can make your school spirit sweatshirts stand out even more with our color glitter text. Choose from 13 different colors that you can decorate the text of your spirit sweatshirt. This option will certainly bring a pop of color to any school t-shirt!

Dress the School for Victory!

Imagine the entire school gathering together for a pep rally, school game, or intellectual academic debate. Think of how encouraging it would be if all of your supporters were sporting a school-spirit sweatshirt!

Tees2UrDoor makes it possible to get these shirts in bulk with a sale price that allows you to save approximately $11.96. Get free shipping on orders that are $75 and over and receive your school spirit sweatshirts on your doorstep in 1-4 business days after shipping from our facility in Nederland, Texas. To expedite your order, simply add $10 to your basic shipping rate.

Place your order online now! If you have questions about other types of shirts that we can customize to your preference, call and speak to a Tees2UrDoor representative at 877-245-0492 or contact us online with a question today!