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Steps to Finding the Perfect Leggings

Oct 21st 2019

The verdict is in: leggings are officially considered pants! Can you believe it?

OK, so this topic can definitely still be debated. But something you cannot deny is the fact that leggings are as popular as ever. They are chic, functional and versatile. Leggings are at the top of the pile when it comes to comfort clothing. But there are so many options out there—how do you know what to look for when buying leggings?

Luckily, Tees2UrDoor is here to help. As a supplier of high quality custom-made t-shirts and leggings, we want to make sure you find the perfect leggings for your wardrobe. We’ve produced a step-by-step guide for anyone out there looking to purchase a pair of leggings and we invite you to follow along.

1. Determine the Purpose of the Leggings

Before you do anything drastic, ask yourself: “what do I want leggings for?” If you are looking for something easy to throw on for a lazy day out or you simply appreciate the ‘leggings with a long flowy top’ look, then you will most likely consider different qualities in leggings than a person wanting to buy a pair for the gym.

2. Consider the Fabric Used to Make Them

If you have ever shopped for leggings, then you know how many options of different material leggings there are. Leggings can be made out of cotton, PVC, spandex and rayon. Depending on the material used, the lifespan of the leggings and the coverage varies. For example, cotton leggings are usually not sheer and are known to last a long time; however, cotton holds onto moisture. So cotton leggings are not the best option for the gym.

Opt for Moisture-wicking leggings for the gym and cotton leggings for lounging at home or for doing yoga. We don’t recommend cotton leggings for hot yoga though!

3. Conclude Which Length Would Be Best For You

You can buy leggings at a variety of lengths. After you have figured out where you would like to wear leggings and the ideal fabric for your use, determine which length would be best for you. Leggings can reach your feet, ankles, calves or knees.

Tees2UrDoor sells a pair of charcoal lace cropped leggings for adults. The cropped feature makes them ideal for every body-type and they are fashionable with the lace at the bottom of each leg.

Leggings that are up to your knees are best for cycling or spinning classes. While leggings that reach your ankles can be used to chill at home, to go to the movies (pair it with a longer top!) or can be used as thermal underwear for winter.

4. Take Into Account Your Body Size and Height

Leggings are usually tight on people’s legs, hips and bottoms; therefore, you should always consider your body size and height when purchasing leggings. Consult a sizing chart and figure out which size is perfect for you. Tees2UrDoor sells a number of one-size-fits-all leggings, but we also supply sizes small, medium, large and XL.

Our leggings have a close fit to the skin but they are not necessarily as tight as most leggings are. The elastic waist allows you to easily slip them on with no fuss or stress. The leggings will contour your body and mimic your skin in the sense that it will work for your body shape and not against it.

5. Buy Leggings That Compliment Your Personality

Clothes are meant to be a reflection of who you are—or who you want to be. Tees2UrDoor offers a variety of printed leggings, including:

• Blue Snowflake Leggings (youth)
• Red Reindeer Christmas Leggings (adult and youth)
• Black White Flake Leggings (adult and youth)
• Purple Aztec Multi Color (plus size)

Moreover, and in addition to our charcoal lace cropped leggings, we also supply plain black leggings in youth sizes. No matter which pair you choose they will sure to be your new favorite leggings!

How To Wear Leggings As Pants

Leggings may be considered pants but in reality, they are still not pants. You can still wear them as pants just as long as you style your outfit appropriately to pull it off.

Some styles of leggings are high-waisted which you can pair up with a crop top or a sports bra if you are going to yoga. The good thing about high-waisted leggings is that they tuck in your tummy and creates a very smooth look.

Low waisted leggings are great too and they are just as comfortable. Just as with any leggings we recommend pairing them with a long top or maybe a jacket to add some style to the outfit. When you are wearing something close to the skin you want to wear something flowy to add balance to the outfit.

We also recommend a longer shirt when wearing leggings because depending on the material, the leggings can be very sheer especially near the tushy. By wearing a longer shirt, cardigan or kimono you can cover up that tushy, be comfortable and look great!

We have a great collection of cardigans and kimonos that will do the job perfectly. Cardigans and Kimonos are longer than shirts and are lightweight so they will cover you up but not make you too warm. Explore our Cardigans and Kimonos here!

Tees2UrDoor Women’s Fashion Leggings

Ready to Purchase the Perfect Pair?

Tees2UrDoor always has a wide selection of leggings in stock and ready to ship to our customers. Check out our website today to look at all of our leggings options in more detail. While you’re there be sure to scope out our professionally printed, custom-made t-shirts too!

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