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Summer-Themed Hats for Everyday Casual Wear

Jul 31st 2018

Summer, summer, summertime! You’ve been sitting back and unwinding in the warm weather. Or maybe your summer has been hectic! In any case, it’s almost certain that you’ve already worn out all of your hats protecting yourself from the sun to keep from overheating. Considering how much use you get out of your hats, it never hurts to buy a new one for yourself or your family and friends. At Tees2urDoor we have around a 100 baseball cap and hat designs to choose from – at great pricing.

Yachting This Summer?

Boating Baseball Cap

This is such a flexible style. The dark, worn grey baseball cap matches with any of your summer clothes. Un 100% cotton twill, the natural fabric breathes naturally, and the eyelets help keep you cool. It closes with the typical plastic belt.

“Boating” is in a vintage university font style in frayed cutout letters sewn on. The word “fanatic” is embroidered in a classic font. At only $11.97 this vintage-look looks like a million bucks. They make great, practical gifts, too, for your marina friends, because you cannot go wrong with this style.

Vintage Monogram Hat for Men or Women

Vintage Monogram Hat for Men or Women

Have fun playing with the customizations –LIVE! – of this Vintage Monogram Hat! Yes, with 18 color baseball caps and 38 vinyl paint colors for the monogram to choose from, you can have fun choosing endless combinations in our online design shop. Don’t skip the very first customization option, the monogram, which can be the First, Middle, Last initials of your name, or any combination of three letters or numbers that mean something to you or your group.

Browse our newest tees and hats, including a butterfly and anchor baseball caps! 

Made of 100% durable cotton twill that’s been pigmentdyed and washed to achieve that rugged vintage look, you can adjust the belt strap and customize the colors for a look and fit for anyone in your family or group of friends. Go for the neutrals: khaki green, blue, white, grey, or go all-out on color: sky blue, sea green, violet or pink! They make for attractive and practical gifts to keep your loved ones out of the sun and the personal touch of the monogram initials makes it easy to tell them apart.

Eiffel Tower Hat

Eiffel Tower HatWhat is the favorite summertime activity? Traveling, of course! Don this baseball-cap style hat with a print of the Parisian Eiffel Tower, travel stamps, butterflies, flowers and a pink purse to show your love for the experience of visiting other cities and countries.

The hat, like art, makes a statement: “La vie est tres très belle!”

Made of 100% cream-colored cotton twill, the material breathes naturally. Adjusts with a Velcro closure. At only $9.99 this unique hat is a real bargain.

Pair that up with a matching Cross Body Bag, also made of cotton. It’ has a zipper pocket on one side for you walk light, keeping the bare necessities safely inside. Adjustable loop strap.

Floral Cow Skull Visor

Floral Cow Skull Visor

The embroidered design of the cow scull decorated with flowers recalls Southwest living. In 100% durable cotton, the visor comes in three colors: pink, sky blue and a dark grey, that really makes the floral cow skull design “pop.”Visors: just enough “hat” to keep the sun out of your eyes! This brightly-colored, vintage material visor is the perfect style for hot summer days.

At just $12.57 you really have a unique piece.

If you have any questions about customization, or whatever else we have in stock, don’t hesitate to contact us!