Top 5 Custom Raglan Shirts for Summer

On the last day of school, kids watch the clock. Their feet tap against their desks. Some are taking finals, while others are enjoying a lovely party with their classmates. Outside, the heat and humidity gather. They cannot wait for that final bell, as their classroom teacher says goodbye and wishes them a happy holiday. Some will come home with finished art projects and new books.

Parents are also watching the clock, for a different reason. You are scheduling summer camps and vacations, whether flying to an amusement park or hiking in a national park. Maybe you want your kids to head to a camp that teaches them how to camp, make friends, and catch fireflies in the dusk. What’s more, you want the world to know that you are all part of one loving family. The right outfit can help with that.

Raglan shirts are long-sleeved shirts that are built for comfort. They are perfect for outings to air-conditioned museums and movie theaters but also work well outdoors. Baseball players like to wear raglan shirts under their sports jerseys, so if you are New York Yankees, Mets, or even Miami Marlins fan, a customized raglan is a great way to show team spirit at a game. The shirts are also perfect for other activities and occasions, especially with our customizable options.

Custom Shirts at Tees2urdoor

Tees2urdoor wants to provide comfortable, fashionable clothes for your family. We have custom t-shirts for the entire family, or just the adults and kids. Monogrammed shirts are especially useful when traveling. If a family gets separated, they can use our shirts’ bright colors and initials to find kids in a crowd and reunite easily. You can use them for group photos so that you can look back and cherish those memories.

Customizable Raglan T-Shirts

Large Front Monogram 3/4 Raglan

Large Front Monogram 3/4 Raglan

Customize this ¾ sleeve raglan with your initials! This comfortable raglan is simple but fashionable with your initials scripted on the front in a beautiful, large font. With 14 shirt sleeve colors and 22 text colors to choose from, there are over 300 color combinations you can make! These monogram raglans are the perfect apparel for your big family vacation. If someone gets lost while wandering a theme park, museum or city street, you’ll easily be able to find them again.

Patterned Home Plate V-Neck

Patterned Home Plate Baseball V-Neck

Baseball is America’s pastime, and it’s the perfect summer sport. You can customize this baseball raglan with any sports team. Whether it’s your rec league, a school’s team or your favorite team to watch on TV, cheer them on with this custom V-neck. The top line features a location or school name written in solid text, and the bottom line features the team name in a fun, unique patterned text. You get your choice of 9 t-shirt colors, 13 text 1 colors and 13 text 2 colors. The combinations are endless, and you can design a truly one-of-a-kind baseball tee. Pair with your favorite baseball cap.

Patterned Heart Monogram Raglan

This super cute raglan comes in three colors, red, black and pink! You can monogram your initials and personalize this raglan in a heart shape and with a gingham style that is classy and chic. Pair it with some jeans and some red sneakers and you will have accomplished a laid back and cool outfit for school! If someone’s having a summer wedding, this personalized tee makes a great addition to bachelorette party outfits. Everyone can proudly wear the bride’s initials during your night of fun. This raglan is also ideal for Valentine’s day because the beautiful combination of red and pink inspires a feeling of love.

Pattern Spirit Raglan T-Shirt

This raglan is the ultimate customized summer t-shirt. With two lines of text, you can personalize it with anything from a camp name to your cheer squad name to your family vacation’s name. The top text is in a chic solid font, and the large bottom text features cute scribbles, cross patch patterns, and polka dots. You get your choice of shirt, top text, and bottom text colors, giving you endless combinations.

Cheetah Monogram Raglan

This tee comes with a super cute vintage look thanks to the distressed raglan sleeves. The front features a monogram printed in an adorable cheetah pattern that stands out. This custom raglan is a fantastic option for a girls’ getaway or a cute generational family photo. Accessorize with trendy leopard flats or a casual leopard hat.

Outfit Your Family With Custom Raglans Today

At Tees2urdoor, you want to stay comfortable and stylish during the long and hot summer months. Whether dropping off the kids at camp or settling down for a long flight over the ocean, customized raglan shirts can improve your family time and make you look fashionable.

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