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Top 3 Summer Camp Apparel for the Kids This Summer

Apr 14th 2016

With summer camp season around the corner, it’s time to stock up on the right apparel kids can wear while going about their daily activities. Whether you’re sending your kids to summer camp or you’re the owner of a camp, custom tees are the staples you should have ready for the kids this year. You’ll find a large assortment of quality t-shirts and accessories suitable for a range of age groups at Tees 2 Ur Door.

1. Team Effort Motivation

When kids share the same articles of clothing, they’ll foster a sense of being part of a team. At summer camp, each child can have their own unique tee or match with other children. For either choice, the athletic selections from Tees 2 Ur Door are perfect as they range from various sports including:

  • > Band
  • > Baseball
  • > Basketball
  • > Cheerleading/Dance
  • > Football
  • > Racing
  • > Soccer
  • > Softball
  • > Swim
  • > Track
  • > Volleyball

Some of our sports tees can be customized with names and sports team numbers. Children can wear their favorite colors or those of their favorite team, thanks to the large variety of t-shirt and font colors to choose from, as well.

2. End of the Year Mood

What better way to kick off the summer than with a shirt that shows the excitement? At Tees 2 Ur Door, you’ll find such original t-shirts, like our newest additions: the “What a Sweet Year Customized T-Shirt” and the “Gimme a Break Orange T-Shirt.”

If your kids are attending their school’s summer camp, they can wear a graphic tee that displays their school’s name for a longer lasting feel of school spirit. Our “School Spirit Team Pride ¾ Raglan Shirt” is a great option for doing just that.

3. Monogram Memories

Kids can also enjoy having their monograms displayed on a myriad of monogram t-shirt options at Tees 2 Ur Door for a one-of-a-kind customized design. From tank tops to long-sleeve tees, select from minimalist designs to more colorful and ornate options.

Going to camp will be more fun with appealing graphic tees that can be washed and packed with ease. With numerous monogram alternatives to choose from, kids can even match monogram hats from Tees 2 Ur Door with their t-shirts, along with monogram cups to stay hydrated.

You can even root on your favorite sports star with custom photo t-shirts from Tees 2 Ur Door, displaying a photo of your child on an athletic-inspired design. Suitable for all types of weather, our selection also includes sweatshirts and sweaters to keep cool on lower temperature nights.

Start the Summer Fun with Tees 2 Ur Door

Make this summer stand out for your camp goers with a quality assortment of tees that can give them the flexibility to move around with ease and enjoy their time off from school. For more information about our best options for your kids, contact Tees 2 Ur Door today, and we’ll be happy to help answer any of your questions.