T-Shirts for Thanksgiving 2021: 7 Trendy Designs For Women

At Tees2UrDoor, we love the holidays! Each season we create crazy, fun, and sweet designs that will make you stand out.

This year, we looked for trends and have come up with a few unique styles that we know you – or a special woman in your life – will love. We all know that things will be different for the holidays in 2021 because we’ve gone through a lot in the last year and a half.

However, there’s still plenty to be thankful for. Even if you can only physically gather with those in your immediate social circle, you can still prepare a nice meal and enjoy wearing a themed garment on this special day.

Why are Thanksgiving Day T-Shirts Ideal for 2021?

To a great extent, Thanksgiving is the quintessential American holiday. It is historic, traditional, seasonal, and spiritual all at once. Furthermore, it also serves to welcome the holiday season and to remind us that even more cheerful days are ahead.

We tend to take this holiday for granted, but the year 2021 has reminded us that nothing should ever be taken for granted. If you haven’t previously worn a themed t-shirt on this holiday, this would be a good time to do so because we have a lot to celebrate. Moreover, they can be kept as Thanksgiving mementos to show your grandchildren while you describe the strange times your family lived through in 2021.

Happy Thanksgiving Shirts for Women

1. Thankful Letter T-Shirt

Thankful Letter T-Shirt

A major trend in 2021 has been the positive vibes that you can send through kind words. Gratitude, for example, is a pure feeling that stems from self-awareness and respect.

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. So why not wear this 100% cotton t-shirt to remind yourself and your loved ones to be thankful?

Count your blessings and raise the energy through the roof with one of these Thankful shirts. Because, when words can turn things around for another person, this is a great t-shirt to start with.

2. Leggings, Leaves, and Lattes Please Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Leggings, Leaves, and Lattes Please Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Some people don’t require much to be happy, and with this long-sleeve, 100% cotton shirt, you can announce your fall priorities to the world and stay comfortable while doing so. The phrase is displayed in black, brown, mint green, orange, peach, and white coloring on a charcoal background. A cute coffee cup (complete with an orange pumpkin, of course) accompanies the wording as leaves fall around the design.

Cute Thanksgiving Shirt Ideas for Women

3. Sassy Autumn Leopard Pumpkin T-Shirt

Sassy Autumn Leopard Pumpkin T-Shirt

Animal prints always make a fashion statement, so this shirt is for those who would rather walk on the wild side. This is the perfect garment to wear for Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

Its orange color gets us right into the holiday spirit, along with the leopard-print pumpkin in the center. We recommend pairing this tee with a pair of jeans or leggings!

4. Harvest Blessing Vintage Halloween V-Neck Raglan

Harvest Blessing Vintage Halloween V-Neck Raglan

A trusty raglan always comes in handy because it goes with everything. This colorful tee sports four bright pumpkins and teal sleeves, as well as text that evokes a sense of holiday cheer. Wear this at gatherings with your friends and family, and they’ll remember the thoughtful care you put into your wardrobe this year.

Funny Thanksgiving Shirts for Women

5. Hey There Pumpkin Fall T-Shirt

Hey There Pumpkin Fall T-Shirt

This tee is perfect for anyone who’s feeling playful. The cute and vibrant design features the text “Hey, there pumpkin!” surrounding a motley group of assorted pumpkins. With black, gold, mint, orange, peach, and white inks on a natural background, this tee is a bright addition to any wardrobe.

6. Sweaters, Apples, Football, and Pumpkins Raglan

Sweaters, Apples, Football, and Pumpkins Raglan

This soft, classic-knit-blend jersey always gets us excited for Thanksgiving day. It has us looking forward to cozying up in our favorite sweater, with a hot mug of pumpkin spice cocoa and a warm slice of apple pie, while we watch our favorite teams on the gridiron.

It features a short, but apt, list of popular fall classics in multiple colors, including leopard print, on a natural body. It’s a very comfortable raglan, and it will immediately let everyone know what you love about this season.

7. Pumpkins Flannels and Bonfires Raglan

Pumpkins Flannels and Bonfires Raglan

Another perfect jersey for letting everyone know how to keep you happy, this one boasts unique designs, as well as colors that complement a fall palette rather than complete it. Much of the season’s fashion focuses on the classic browns and oranges that we find in nature during this time. With turquoise sleeves on a natural body, this tee will have you standing out among the crowds.

So how can others keep you happy during the holidays? With “pumpkins, flannels, bonfires, s’mores, and sweaters,” of course! Beside this text is a bisected pumpkin in distinct, polka dot and striped patterns, and with a beautiful, floral accent at the top.

Find Personalized Thanksgiving Shirts at Tees2UrDoor!

We love the holiday season at Tees2UrDoor. We love dressing up in the perfect tees for displaying our personality, enjoying good food with friends and family, and reflecting on all we have to feel grateful for this year.
If you love the holiday season too, then we’d be excited to help you find the perfect Thanksgiving shirts, hats, and accessories for flaunting your fashion sense. To discuss more great Thanksgiving shirt ideas for women, reach out to our team today.