Why Graphic T-Shirts Never Go Out of Style

Why is it that you could throw on a graphic T-shirt and seamlessly fit into most events or venues without anyone batting an eye? We can take it further and throw you into most time periods within at least the past 50 years, and you would still blend into the crowd with ease. Graphic T-shirts have an undeniable appeal that blends fashion and functionality. That is just one of the reasons why these shirts still hold such a steady place in our closet. As such, you’re likely wanting to find out more about the reasons why graphic T-shirts never go out of style.

Humble Beginnings

No one can really say where the birthplace of the first T-shirt resides, but there are some speculations. You might find it surprising, but T-shirts, as we know them, have been in circulation for nearly a century at this point. As the 19th century came to an end, it was clear that the manufacturing industry was only at the precipice of its growth. Companies required laborers to work in their warehouses, and thus, the union suit came into existence.

The Union Suit

If you have never seen a union suit, it helps to picture a full-body suit that covers both the arms and legs. The only visible skin would be the worker’s head and neck. These suits served a great purpose as they helped to keep laborers warm while they were working long hours in blisteringly cold winter.

However, its function wasn’t quite as beneficial when the weather heated up, leaving laborers uncomfortable and overheated. Therefore, these workers took matters into their own hands and would either cut off the sleeves or roll them up. In seeing the need for this breathable type of clothing, companies began making what we know now as the T-shirt. These are the humble beginnings of the T-shirt.

A Streetcar Named Desire

From that point on, the T-shirt continued to grow into mainstream usage as an undershirt. In fact, the T-shirt became a staple piece for soldiers in the US Navy. Moreover, many students in high schools began donning them as well. At the time, you would have been able to find these shirts in most clothing stores you stepped into.

However, it wasn’t until Marlon Brando slipped a T-shirt on for his famous role as Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire that this fashion statement became enormously popular. What made this such a statement is that before this, the T-shirt was an undergarment piece. So, believe it or not, wearing just a T-shirt was maybe a little scandalous and possibly even an act of rebellion.

Boom in Popularity

From the moment audiences viewed Brando scantily clad in a T-shirt, people no longer saw it as an undergarment. The T-shirt experienced a considerable boom in popularity, and really, the rest is history. In the years and decades following, we would see countless iterations and designs of this basic staple piece we all have in our closets. While we can likely make our own assumptions, the consistent popularity of this product has all of us asking, “Why do graphic T-shirts never go out of style?”

Fashion and Function

One of the main reasons T-shirts are still so common and seen everywhere and on almost everyone is because of the beautiful balance they create between fashion and function. We all know how frustrating it is to wear a fashionable piece of clothing that scratches, itches, or just fits wrong. While we may look good, we may not feel comfortable. On the flip side, many of us likely wouldn’t want anyone to see us in the sweat suit we wear when staying in our homes for days on end.

That’s where T-shirts come in to save the day. There’s nothing like slipping on a soft, cotton tee that feels and looks great. We can step out of our homes with our heads held high, feeling confident and comfortable in what we are wearing.

Endless Varieties

Think about the T-shirts you have in your closet right now. There are likely T-shirts from your high school or college years whose insignias have worn away through endless washes and wears. You might also have a high-fashion T-shirt you were on the hunt for with a design so stunning you only wear it on special occasions, if at all.

We bring this point up to present to you that T-shirts have endless variety in terms of their designs and purposes. There are T-shirts that come straight from the runway and T-shirts that you can wear to work out!

Statement Pieces

As we said earlier, T-shirts first arrived on the mainstream scene as an act of rebellion. As such, T-shirts became a way to make a statement, as you could print anything you wanted on the item. You can tell people the things you’re proud of, the bands you listen to, and the groups you’re a part of, all with a simple T-shirt.

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Can Wear Anywhere

We’ve all had that moment when we’ve been rummaging through our closets looking for the perfect outfit only to feel exasperated as we believe we have nothing to wear. Sometimes, it’s incredibly challenging to create an outfit. That’s where a T-shirt swoops in to save the day. You can easily slip it on, throw on some jeans, and head out to town, no matter where you’re going.

The reason why you can wear a T-shirt just about anywhere is due to how popular and common they are. You can dress it down or dress it up. It’s also a great piece to start with when creating an outfit. T-shirts are simple and buildable, making them the perfect additions to your closet.

Why Graphic T-Shirts Never Go Out of Style