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Sherpa mountaineers are known for their great skill in crossing even the coldest and most inhospitable areas. While you might not be aspiring to ever reach these same heights, there’s no reason that you won’t want to add some interesting and warm pieces to your wardrobe this winter season!

Sherpa-Lined Jackets for Women

Over time, fashion designers have taken the whole idea of Sherpa clothing to a new level and come up with a number of patterns that are quite unique. An oversized Sherpa jacket is a good pick for someone who wants a more conventional lined piece of clothing to stay warm, though you’ll also want to consider a Chenille Sherpa hooded jacket as the ultimate new thing in women’s fashion.

Both of these are something of a play on traditional Sherpa jackets, especially as far as the color schemes go. Those who really want to look playful, though, can try our more adventurous Teddy Bear Sherpa on for size!

Sherpa Jacket with Hood

Those who are interested in something with a little more style than a solid could look into a hooded floral sherpa, which will still keep you warm in spite of the fact that it’s got all of the sass that you’d associate with almost any other piece of clothing in your wardrobe. If you’ve been on the lookout for something that should keep you warm while you stay stylish, then this might be perfect for you.

Consider a few different color options as well, which could be a great pick for those who work somewhere that they can’t wear strong patterns in but still want to stay warm while looking absolutely fabulous.

Black or Red Sherpa Pullover

Many jackets are available in both black and red, which should go with almost any outfit. You’ll also want to consider a few other options as well. A color block sherpa can be yours in your pick of blue, pink, or even camo if you prefer, so you could pair one with other black and red garments that you might have. Otherwise, though, there’s always black and red jackets available that might be best for those who have slightly subdued tastes.

Don’t forget that you can get more than one and either change up which one you’re wearing depending on the day or, alternatively, use them for layering and put together cute outfits made up of more than one piece of clothing!

How to Wash a Sherpa Pullover

As long as you don’t use bleach and use cold water, you can normally machine wash your Sherpa garments. Naturally, you’ll want to always check the tags first, but you can normally tumble dry on low once you’re done. Hanging them out to dry will generally give you the best results with almost any type of garment that you might have, but this is good news for those who live in an area where that isn’t always an option.

If you have any other questions about availability or care instructions, then feel free to use our online contact page. We’ll be glad to help out!

  • Color Block Sherpa Product Image

    Color Block Sherpa

    $12.00 $32.00
    Color Block Sherpa T2D Private Label faux fur/polyester long sleeve sherpa. Easy regular fit with snap front. Black trimmed waist and sleeves. Kangaroo pocket. Available Sizes: AS-5XL. Features a snap front. Collar can be turned down or left as is...
  • Star Sherpa Product Image

    Star Sherpa Pullover

    $12.00 $29.00
    Star Sherpa T2D Private Label faux fur/polyester long sleeve sherpa. Easy regular fit with quarter zip front. Available Sizes: AS-5XL. Features a quarter zip front that can be worn open or zipped. Collar can be turned down or left as is. Sizing...
  • Aztec Fuzzy Pullover Product Image

    Aztec Fuzzy Pullover Sherpa

    $12.00 $32.00
    Aztec Fuzzy Pullover Sherpa T2D Private Label faux fur/polyester long sleeve hooded sherpa. Easy regular fit with draw string hood. Available Sizes: AS-5XL. Sherpa features a kangaroo front pocket for keeping your hands warm all season. Sizing...
  • Teddy Bear Sherpa Lifestyle

    Teddy Bear Sherpa

    $10.00 $29.00
    Teddy Bear Sherpa T2D Private Label faux fur/polyester two tone brown long sleeve 1/4 zip sherpa. Easy regular fit with 1/4 zip front and turn down collar. Available Sizes: AS-4XL. Features a kangaroo pocket to keep your hands warm all day long...
  • Hooded Floral Sherpa Lifestyle

    Hooded Floral Sherpa

    $10.00 $29.00
    Hooded Floral Sherpa T2D Private Label faux fur/polyester long sleeve hooded sherpa. Easy regular fit with draw string hood. Bottom features spring loaded draw string that can be adjusted to your personal preference. Banded cuffs are perfect for...
  • Polar Fleece Pullover Product Image

    Polar Fleece Pullover

    $10.00 $29.00
    Polar Fleece Pullover T2D Brand. 100% Polyester. Ultraplush, heat-trapping polyester fleece delivers exceptional warmth without weight. Double-needle sleeves and hem. Funnel neckline that is zipper adjustable. Available Sizes: AS-5XL. Exceptionally...
  • Chenille Sherpa Jacket Product Image

    Chenille Sherpa Hooded Jacket

    $15.00 $34.00
    Chenille Sherpa Hooded Jacket T2D Private Label. 100% Polyester. Double needle stitching on sleeves and hem. Open front and patch style pockets. Relaxed sherpa lined hood and sherpa lined lapel style front opening. Available Sizes: AS/AM, AL/XL,...
  • Oversized Sherpa Jacket Product Image

    Oversized Sherpa Jacket

    Oversized Sherpa Jacket T2D Private label faux fur sherpa. Available in green, burgundy, or black. Open front and side pockets. Available Sizes: S/M, L/XL, 2XL/3XL, 4XL/5XL. Features a full sherpa hood for those cooler days. Sleeves are cuffed and...