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Promote Your Next Event by Wearing a Custom Shirt

Feb 4th 2016

If you’re excited about your next event and want to express your eager spirit, why not wear a custom shirt that shows it? Wearing a catchy and original design is one of the best ways to raise awareness about any occasion.

A Picture is Worth 1,000+ Words

It’s certainly tough to miss an enthralling photograph sitting on a table, but it’s even harder to overlook one worn on a trendy t-shirt. Tees 2 Ur Door has you covered for any upcoming event thanks to its customizable photo t-shirts.

If you’re promoting a sports event, you can choose the sport event of your choice and which image you’d like to be featured on the front of the tee. You’ll surely be able to catch the attention of any passerby.

Get Personal

You could be showing your school spirit, too. Just head to the monograms and add your monogram to a t-shirt that portrays the theme of your event. Monograms serve as a subtle, yet attractive way to gear someone’s attention towards a particular piece.

You can even match a monogram tee to anything you’re wearing. Along with custom t-shirts, at Tees 2 Ur Door, you’ll find monogram hats and cups to coordinate with, too. If you prefer to have a long-sleeve option for cooler days, you can customize your own and choose the monogram colors.

Make It a Team Effort

Rally up a group of friends or your team and get everyone in on the advertising. You can choose any type of customizable shirt and color coordinate with your partners. The more people you gather with personalized shirts, the more eyes you’ll reach.

Whether you’re just running errands or attending a sports game, advertising as a group will reach your target audience much more quickly than doing it alone—even if you’re just a party of two. You can wear the shirt in the location of your choice so as to capture the attention of everyone who should be aware of the event.

Be Noticeable at an Affordable Price

Rather than spending more on traditional forms of advertisement, wearing a personalized tee is a more budget-friendly way of getting the visibility you need. You can personally greet people with information about the occasion and have more credibility if you hand them a brochure.

Additionally, you’ll have more flexibility with choosing the shades you want for the message you want to display. At Tees 2 Ur Door, you’ll not only find what you’re looking for at a reasonable price, we’ll also deliver your order in a timely manner.

Get Ready with Tees 2 Ur Door

You can choose to promote your event before, during, or after. Whatever the choice, having a customized tee will let you stand out the right way. For more information about our wide selection of high quality t-shirts and other products, contact Tees 2 Ur Door today, and get started on perfecting your event planning.